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WAC564 Instant Mesh Wireless Access Point

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About WAC564-100EUS

Introducing market’s first Instant Mesh Wireless Multi-mode Access Point with integrated 4-port Ethernet switch and centralized NETGEAR Insight Cloud management. Innovative architecture allows it to be used as a Mesh extender for WAC540 or WAC564, a wireless switch or a WiFi Access Point.

Innovative multi-mode capability - Can be used as an Access Point or Mesh extender integrated with a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch.
WiFi network expansion without running cables - Instant configuration of the Mesh extender with consistent VLAN experience. Extender mode works with NETGEAR WAC540 or WAC564.
VLAN and QoS management (all existing VLAN configuration from the infrastructure wireless network is kept intact when adding the WAC564 to the existing WiFi network)s
Get instant wired connectivity for various devices such as printers, workstations, IP Phones, and mores
High speed, density and coverage – 4x4 Tri-band 802.11ac Wave 2s
Maximise performance - Multi-gigabit WiFi throughput (up to 3 Gbps) with Gigabit Ethernet ports.